Jim Greif Photography, LLC


Jim Greif creates photographs of people and pets in a natural style. His photographs reflect the spirit of his subjects. Because he works in a low-key, informal yet professional manner, his subjects are comfortable and at ease—resulting in images with a natural feel that reflects the character of his subjects.

Formal poses have a place, but Jim believes in photographs that record emotion and preserve memories. His photo sessions are relaxed but focused. He establishes a comfortable rapport with his subject whether it is an actor, a business executive, a teenager or a family.

Sessions are scheduled so that there is ample time. There is no pressure to fit a head shot, a portrait or a family session into a short time slot. Longer, relaxed photo sessions result in photos that tell a story and capture natural expressions.

A photo session with children should be fun. When they are relaxed, Jim captures authentic expressions that parents treasure. Families have fun interacting during his photo sessions, and the connections among family members bring life to Jim’s photos. Pets, too, are given the opportunity to relax and be themselves.

Jim goes out of his way to put people at ease. He’ll crawl on the ground to be at your child’s level and to experience the world from your child’s viewpoint. He wants to capture the timeless images of your baby exploring his/her world and your toddler pushing a ball or tearing up a newspaper. His style is to record real-life spirits of the people and pets he photographs.

Jim is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.